Multi-Discplinary Problem Based Learning for Educators

Three-day Workshop | 18th - 20th March 2019


What it is

The MD-PBL for Educators aims at strengthening capacity of academic staff to run effective problem based learning programmes in a multi-disciplinary format in their institutions. This is part of a larger initiative that is bringing together multidisciplinary teams to develop sustainable solutions for community challenges.

Our Partners

Educator Tools

Case Studies

Participants will get case studies on how Aalto University has run MD-PBL programs over the years, and how C4DLab has launched one programme with mentorship from Aalto University. Further, participants will get an appreciation of some of the challenges that students have solved through the MD-PBL.

Journey Mapping

White-boards and sticky notes, photos and videos will be compiled throughout the learning exploration

Resource Kit

Participants will receive a resource kit that they can use to either launch or enhance their own MD-PBL programmes in their institutions.

Online Orientation Workshop

Learners are expected to complete a two-week online workshop on the Nairobi Design Thinking School (NDTS) web portal before the onset of the PBL for Educator’s workshop. This will help them maximize on this opportunity to test their hypothesis and gain valuable feedback in their quest to address the problem they have been assigned; as well as assist them in preparing for the field trip.

Learning Outcomes

  • Get acquainted with key elements and emerging trends of PBL methodologies
  • Design a high degree of learner-centred activities
  • Learn how to engage students to motivate them to develop effective collaboration skills and problem solving skills
  • Teach students how to solve real-world problems using a Human Centred Design approach
  • Design and conduct research in the project contexts
  • Lead and collaborate in a multi-cultural multi-disciplinary team
  • Know of good case studies that can be used in relevant subjects
  • Exchange good practices and discuss challenges with fellow colleagues and trainers

C4DLab, University of Nairobi’s Innovation Hub

18 - 20 March 2019

KES 50,000


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Three-day Workshop | 18th - 20th March 2019